Hi, I’m Denise.

I’m a London based designer, copywriter and brand owner. A good shorthand for that is usually ‘creative director’. Right now, I’m working as a creative director with the team at Farewill.

Previously, I was Head of Content at Bulb, VP of Brand for Workable and a creative director at, BERG. Going back further, I was the original creative director for the award winning start up moo.com, defining the brand in written, visual and physical form.

I’ve worked for consumer brands, large public organisations, B2B brands and IoT products. I also co-founded b3ta, one of the UK’s longest running online communities.

Elsewhere, you can find me on LinkedIn. I also post infrequently on Tumblr, and weekly at walknotes.com.


I’ve also worked as an illustrator for various clients, and for fun.

Some of my favourite pieces are:

These for a children’s book, published by Dorling Kindersley:

These for fun:

Contact: denise dot wilton at gmail dot com