Hello, what sort of site are you looking for?

I'd like to read some stuff.
Ok, well you should maybe try a weblog. Like Tom's perhaps, or maybe Cal's. Yep, I am biased actually - there are a million billion others you should read too, but I'm just being shameless and plugging people I know.
In a less biased way, you could go read Kottke, or Blogjam or maybe some news, or something. Or you could go read ickle, just for an ickle while...


I'd like to believe there are other people on the web... not just me. Sometimes I feel so alone.
You do? You should get out more.
Well, there are lots of nice community sites out there. I post on the messageboard at b3ta, a site I made with Cal Henderson and Rob Manuel. It's got a very busy messageboard and lots of people to talk to. You can even make them nice pictures if you like, they'd like that.

I want to see nicely drawn pictures.
Hmm... I thought it would come to that. You should go somewhere cool like Kinsey Visual, or maybe Madreal - they both have great graffiti type stuff. There's also Exploding Dog where Sam Brown draws fantastic pictures to titles that people send in. There's pixel lovliness at Flipflopflyin and even more at Eboy Or you could look at different style drawn by Richard at Crap Juggler. If you need more pixel links, go and visit Mr Wong - he produces great work and has a handy list of links to pixel types.

I have some time to spare - entertain me
Ok...would you like to play a game? Go to the b3ta game section - play cursor love bunny, or the cat game. You'll love them. They're great. You could also go and see the Crab bloke at Rathergood. Have a look about - there's lots of animations and some great misheard lyrics. If you'd like to be a bit more creative, go an build a nice city over at City Creator - another site i made with Cal Henderson...

Well, all I really want is a new car, for Sports Gar GT.
Well, why didn't you say so sooner? Sheesh. Go here, T-Spark'll sort you out.

I'd like to go somewhere with some decent links please.
Well, get you! You're right though. You should go. If it's designy links your after, you could go to any number of places. I like Surfstation, Design is Kinky, and Pixelsurgeon - but there are many more - look on those sites for more links and you'll be off in no time.